My documentary interests follow three themes: the first focusses on an interrogation of factors causing long term decline of the world’s coral reefs with a working title of Killing Coral.   Another related project Low Isles; Following Yonge investigates the changes since the first scientific expedition to properly sample data on the Great Barrier Reef back in 1828. Also on the subject of coral reefs Enewetak; Dead and Alive could be a mirror image; an atoll that was vaporised by nuclear bomb tests now has some of the world’s best coral.

The second theme is my interest in Russia, where I worked in the early 2000s. During my time at AFTRS I set out to make an immigration documentary called Russia to Australia but I hit a wall of resistance. People had stories to tell, but were camera shy. Perceptions have worsened since then, but even so I’m hoping to resurrect this with Russia East West – investigating our preconceptions about Russia both physically and geo-politically.

The third theme of interest is my father, who built four airstrips in Cape York during WW2, crucial to supporting my uncle ‘Ernie’ on the Kakoda Track. Bombed on Horn Island on one occasion, I’m hoping that Horn Island, Iron Range will reveal something about which my father never spoke. The Carnarvons is also about how this rugged part of Central Queensland is intimately tied to my relationship with my father, who put the first Survey through Moolayember Gorge in 1932-34.