It was at AFTRS that I had my first taste of film, working with Producer Andrew Dalziel and Writer/Director Aaron Schuppan (pictured above) on Shadow Valley, a film that gave a young James Fraser a career boost. Later, while doing an M.A. at Griffith I sold limited rights to my short script The Parisienne, which was then adapted into Away, shot with a cast and crew of fifty-four, using two Arri Alexas, and a budget pushing $100k. Now I intend to develop it into a feature length film.

Conversations in Courtship is an adaptation of 3,500 year old fragmentary remains of love poetry, but in a contemporary setting. The Cave is an original screenplay set in the harsh Carnarvon Ranges of Central Queensland; life, love and loss. The Jump is a WW2 film for which I’ve done an incredible amount of research, running to over a million words at present and fuelled by my Russian experience and documentary research; it’s the story of an American paratrooper who escaped from Stalag 2C in Poland, by heading East – to the slaughterhouse of the Russian Front.