Unnamed Carnarvon Bluff

This gallery has many hands and feet of children, parts of it are faded and parts are weathered away which make me think it predates the 1870s, which was literally 'The End' of 40,000 years - the period of genocide.

Bingil Bay, 1950s

I could see Dunk Island and the Percy Islands out in the shining blue of the Coral Sea. To the south there was Clump Point and in the north past the rocky headland was Garners Beach; it was panoramic.

House called ‘Tranquility’

This house featured in Home Beautiful; the pictures of my daughter and I probably mark some kind of high water mark in my life; I still had my strength; I felt promise, optimism, respected, sadly, it wasn’t to be.

Waverley Creek – 1969

The Massy Huts were erected on thin slabs of hand mixed concrete that are still there forty-five years later. There was a big Mess Hall and an Ablution Block with canvas showers on ropes and thunderbox toilets.

Bettridges Bridge

In these slides most of the workers can be seen wearing Army Surplus clothing; many of the men had not long been demobbed; some even knew Dad from the airstrips he'd built during the war.

Carbine Creek

On a later visit the engraving had become ‘known about’ and targeted for vandalism and graffiti; not long after this steel cages were welded over the engravings to protect them.