Christmas in the Carnarvons

A missing finger indicates death of a child. On a cave wall in The Basin a whole line of hands show missing fingers; these are among the last hand stencils made, still sparkling fresh after 150 years

Bettridges Bridge

In these slides most of the workers can be seen wearing Army Surplus clothing; many of the men had not long been demobbed; some even knew Dad from the airstrips he'd built during the war

Bali Surfing

With hindsight I’d give quids to have some 8mm footage of those days. Not just the lifestyle, but the look and feel of the time. It was the same time that William Eggleston was producing a body of photography that would become his signature work.

Carnarvon Ranges

The hand stencils in this cave show a whole row of hands with the little finger missing; I was told by Fred Conway that it indicates the loss of a child.