I was born in Innisfail and spent much of my childhood at Bingal Bay. Memories of our shack oozing scent of cyprus oil, the beach, the little creek that ran into the sea, the coral reef, eating oysters with my father and of Cassowaries suddenly appearing from virgin rainforest left an indelible impression. Later years saw me living in remote locations up the Gulf of Carpentaria, being schooled by correspondence, enthralled by the dust, the heat and isolation. I unhappily attended Brisbane Grammar until I was fifteen, but by sixteen I was back up the Gulf humping fifty ton Semi’s and a host of other stuff. I gained my Semi-trailer licence in Winton driving a Quad box Diamond Reo the day I turned seventeen. By then I’d already clocked up forty thousand miles. In the 1970s our Company TILCO Holdings Pty. Ltd. built 100 miles of highway, culverts and bridges in the Gulf Country. Following the death of my father I took on the role of Governing Director and Manager.

Sometime after the death of my Father I wound our Company up, sat the senior exam at the old Cloudland Ballroom, passed, enrolled at University of Queensland, and was declined by the Dean to study Architecture which had been a cherished ambition. Defeated at the start I withdrew. I travelled and absorbed the wider world. In the 1980s I became a Builder, taught myself to draft, at first with a pencil and ink, then using Autocad. I became skilled with hardwood, cut rafters using trigonometry, and stairs, and much more. Interest rates were 17% and money was scarce; getting adequate remuneration difficult. I survived, but it was difficult. By the early 2000s I designed and built beautiful timber housing in Byron Bay; I developed a signature style suited to the region; my houses appeared in magazines; people took pictures. I met the mother of my daughter; life blossomed; then it un-blossomed.

In the early 2000s I began video production and created precursors to Filmic Vision Pty. Ltd. At first I worked locally, then abroad. I took in Ukraine and Russia, and haunted the Byzantine remnants of Constantinople. Just as I started making money the 2008 GFC slammed everything. Since then I’ve worked on films, sold a script, and shot a couple of documentaries for others. In 2009 my lower discs finally ‘gave up the ghost’. I sold my home and had them surgically replaced; it set me back forty years. Of my decades in construction and design I kept only my hammer, my chisels, my nail-bag, and the best of my drawings. Gaining my first degree whilst recuperating saved my mind; but my daughter’s love saved my life. I concluded my University education with a Grade Point Average of 6 (where 7 is the maximum) and twice received an Award for Academic Excellence (in the top 5%)

  • Bachelor of Film, SAE, Byron Bay 2010
  • Graduate Diploma in Producing, AFTRS, Sydney 2012
  • Master in Screen Production (Documentary), Griffith University, Brisbane 2013
  • Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics/TESOL) Griffith University, Brisbane 2016

For the moment I work casually at Brisbane Transport and continue to write, to both film for, and to develop my documentary and film projects. I am a Russophile, a libertarian, and Russian Orthodox. At the same time I hold a cynical view of the Western World. The smell of guavas, of salt air and molasses, and of tar trigger a wealth of memories. I like to travel light. I hope to develop a script that could be shot on an iPhone.