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Unnamed Carnarvon Bluff

This gallery has many hands and feet of children, parts of it are faded and parts are weathered away which make me think it predates the 1870s, which was literally ‘The End’ of 40,000 years – the period of genocide.

House called ‘Tranquility’

This house featured in Home Beautiful; the pictures of my daughter and I probably mark some kind of high water mark in my life; I still had my strength; I felt promise, optimism, I felt respected, but sadly it wasn’t to last.

My First Building: Regent Street

I was very proud of it; not simply my workmanship, which still had way to go, but the conception; it fitted and appeared as natural in it’s location as if it had been built that way in 1870. I planted a multitude of trees too; this became part of my signature.



3 minutes of highlights shot in December 2016 for the documentary Killing Coral. Footage covers Lizard Island, the Ribbon Reefs off Port Douglas, Daintree wetlands then to Heron Island Research Station. Shot on the new small 4K cameras from as DJI and Go Pro.


Killing Coral

Documentary: Ethylenediaminetetracetic Acid and Phosphorus discharged from processed sewerage are probably the single biggest cause of harm to the corals of Great Barrier Reef.

Russia to Australia

Documentary: Our inherited Russophobia is pathetic; it’s time we abandoned it and took a look the wonderful Russians who’ve contributed to our multi-ethnic Nation.

The Parisienne

Film: The short film script was sold; there is a post on that; the resulting film was disappointing but I still have faith in the film and am writing it as a feature length film.

Love Poems

Film: An adaptation of poetry with a modern spin:


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