This is where you’ll find all things related to my Production Company, Filmic Vision.

I am a big fan of many things obscure, but among them are wild places, wilderness for it’s own sake, devoid of any commercial justification or rationale. Some of the worlds greatest wilderness areas happen to be underwater, but we tend to overlook them; out of sight, out of mind allows us to go on blindly consigning them to extinction.

I have a passionate interest in documentary, and in particular issues relating to the decline of The Great Barrier Reef. The failure of the GBR in my lifetime can only be described as catastrophic and is largely a direct consequence of changes in water quality. Elevated levels of both Phosphorus and Nitrogen have led to rampant growth of algae throughout the GBR; after all, it boosts the growth of lawn so in turn it will boost the growth of algae. This is an extensively documented phenomena which has been routinely neglected over decades. Studies over a lengthy period confirm that processed sewerage is a larger source of bio available Nitrogen and Phosphorus into Queensland coastal waters are than cane farms.

I also write, and my short script ‘The Parisienne’ is now slated for production. I have other unproduced scripts ranging from shorts to feature length which I am continuing to develop.

In addition I maintain an interest in Russian and Soviet era Cinema and Culture. Much of my film thinking is underpinned by my reading of this great body of work, which remains overlooked in the West.

I have attained a Bachelor of Film (SAE), Graduate Diploma in Producing and Screen Business (AFTRS), and Master in Screen Production (Griffith University)

I attained a Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence 2012

I am very self reliant, meticulous in the field, and a good collaborator.


0408 699 871


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